Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A few things...

I have decided to create Melanie Eman as a way to document and share my experiences as a new wife, daughter, sister, 'mad' crocheter (as my Mum likes to describe) baker, self labeled interior stylist and lover of all things vintage.

I was born and brought up in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. Tasmania can be described in few words but one cannot describe the beauty that you will find there. Crystal clear beaches, pristine wilderness and wildlife in abundance.

I now live and have been living in Dubai, UAE for almost two years. Although it is very different to Australia and especially Tasmania, I have grown to love it and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The cities growing quickly through the desert land is a wonder on it own not to mention the beautiful architecture of many of Masjids throughout Dubai and the whole UAE. The ever growing structures are always surprising me and nothing is quite like sitting under the clear, starlit desert sky with a backdrop of the Burj Khalifah. You don't have to travel far from the new, glitzy cities to find some of Old Dubai with hidden away souks, spice markets and karak tea.

I became muslim one year ago after being fortunate to find out about the beautiful religion of Islam. Growing up in the West, I had little knowledge of Islam and what I did know, was from mainstream media and I had many misconceptions about the religion. After researching and finding out the correct beliefs that make up Islam, from that day on I knew I would be a Muslim!

In this blog, I hope to post some of my crocheting projects, (I am also still learning so please forgive any mistakes!) my baking, cooking (a matter of trial and error), home styling and redecorating and many many other little things I love.


Melanie xo