Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bluebell & Ivy

Bluebell & Ivy - a small dream...

Since my love of crocheting began just a few months ago, I have been continually finding the crochet hook in my hand. Since this 'hobby' isn't seeming to fade away and I doubt it will anytime soon (if at all) I have decided to sell some pieces of my work as well stitching custom orders.

My attempt to think of an original 'crochet-ish' name was a failure so instead I chose two of my favourite flowers and a name that I will never be tired of. Bluebells are such a delicate, pretty flower and I first discovered them in the film "I Capture the Castle", if anyone has seen this film, I'm sure you all remember the scene where the two sisters visit London for the first time and become overwhelmed with the scent of bluebells. As for the Ivy, I always imagine an English Estate, covered in beautiful green Ivy with Jane Austen sitting under a tree and scrawling in her notebook. This too, I hope comes through in the pieces. Delicate and Beautiful.

I truly do love to crochet and I hope that my 'love' shines through in my work. If there are any Dubai, or UAE based readers who would like to order, you can leave me a comment here or go to Bluebell & Ivy on facebook to place an order. I hope that in the future, I will have a online shop here on the blog that is easily accessible for all.

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Melanie xo