Tuesday, 11 June 2013

D.I.Y in Dubai

I have loved up-cycled furniture ever since I first saw it, it goes hand in hand with my love of vintage. My husband took some convincing however, as I had showed him numerous pictures on Pinterest but he wasn't too interested until we visited West Elm furniture over the weekend. Pallets are featured throughout the shop, hanging from the ceiling, as displays for other goods and styled on their own. This is when the true beauty of these recycled goods hit him, Alhamdulilah!

We set out on an adventure the next day to try and source some pallets. After visiting a few places we were blessed to find a man who had some for us that were in pretty good 'nick'. The thing I love about these pallets is that there are so many different stamps and inks on them, kinda like an old well travelled suitcase - loved and full of stories. It really adds to the uniqueness of the finished product, its not something that you could achieve by buying it brand new from a shop.

My husband had the idea to stamp our combined birth years on one corner and it really looks amazing! It was so simple, just by using a stencil it keeps in theme with the industrial look.

Heres a sneak peek - more pictures to come!

If any of you reading are located in the UAE and would like a piece like this for your home, please contact me for details. 

Melanie xo