Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rachel Khoo & The Little Paris Kitchen

Rachel Khoo & The Little Paris Kitchen

When my Mum told me to watch a cooking show that she likened to Nigella Lawson minus the big, well equipped, dream kitchen, I must admit I was skeptical, however, when she mentioned the name "My Little Paris Kitchen", I knew I'd love it. Anything with the words French or petite is enough to catch my attention, so with these two things together, its a match made in heaven. I may be a bit behind the time with this, but for anyone who doesn't know, keep reading!

The woman behind this amazing show is Rachel Khoo, a 31 year old Londener who had a dream to live in Paris and bake cakes. Her dream became a reality with hard work and determination. She spent four years working as an au-pair in Paris and during this time enrolled herself in world renowned culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, earning just 80 Euros a week however in an interview with Guardian UK she says, "Even though I was on a budget, I could afford to go to the fresh food market and get a baguette and cheese."

In 2010 she gave up her Au-Pair job after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu and set up a pop-up restaurant in her teeny 226 sq ft Parisian apartment. Named, My Little Paris Kitchen, it seated only 2 patrons. The restaurant became a huge success within the French society opening were quickly snatched up within seconds of advertising on social media sites. Not one to substitute quality for a flat stomach, Rachel insists on full fat dairy in her cooking which gives full food glory to her classic French dishes. 

Although her kitchen can barley accommodate a 2 ring burner and a portable oven, Rachel Khoo's take on classic French dishes and her modest surroundings are romantically appealing - the new Parisian dream for wishful women all over the globe.

Her character onscreen is infectious and her manner is simple and sweet - Amelie Poulain meets Emma Woodhouse.

I really love everything about her series, the food, the fashion and of course, the
scenes of beautiful Paris.

I'll be snapping up her book, The Little Paris Kitchen as soon as I find a hardcopy in Dubai! To get to know Rachel more visit her blog at www.rachelkhoo.com , enjoy!

Melanie xo