Friday, 16 August 2013

Peter Rabbit

I was so happy to be able to make a gift that would perfectly suit the room of a new baby! This Baby's Blanket, Booties and Mittens were made for my sister in law's sister who is soon expecting her first born. The gender of the baby is being kept top secret, however I had was given a colour palette of soft grays and white to work with. I had some concern with the booties, as the gold accent is quite feminine but wether it be a boy or a girl I'm sure they will look adorable either on chubby little feet or on display.

I absolutely adore her idea of a 'bunny' inspired room for the new baby. With the many shades of gray available, all look beautiful against a white background or vice versa. All pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue can be added for a pop of colour when the baby's gender is revealed!

These mittens were so easy! Keep an eye out for the pattern coming soon to the blog! 

I used a basic granny square for the whole blanket as well as 2 shades of gray and white. The centre square is triple the size of the smaller squares. I stitched a scalloped edge for the border and join the squares using a simple single crochet.

I highly recommend finishing off your blankets with a decorative border, it really helps to achieve a professional piece. I also blocked the pieces after stitching was complete, this helps to even out any bumps in the work.

Melanie xo