Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Slice of Sunshine

I'm unsure about the weather where you are, but here is Dubai the weather is less than impressive. The sun is hidden by sandy skies and the summer heat is (for me) unbearable. I also know that the winter weather in little Tasmania is freezing cold, with more rainy days than clear. Wherever you may be, I hope these images add some sunshine to your day!


Paris Rooftops

Capri, Italy

image from herblog.com


image: travelhere.com

North Carolina
image: bluepueblo.tumblr.com

Everyone needs cake.

image: calderclark.com

The millions of pilgrams surround the Kabah in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia

Sweetest flower, Babys Breath

image: chicvinagebrides.com


image: gthegentleman.tumblr.com

Too adorable. 

image: ittybittyfluffy.blogspot.co.uk

image: psweadoreyou.blogspot.com

Grumpy Cat for Prada

Roses & Teacups