Tuesday, 17 September 2013

London - Cotswolds - Paris

Since my husband and I got married more than a year ago we were yet to take a proper honeymoon or holiday outside of the UAE together. As a ex-flight attendant, I have done more than my fair share of flying, traveling and experiencing a cultural array of cities however I have been longing to do a trip with Osama since the day we met!

This little trip came about when we were invited to a friends wedding in London. Taking full advantage of UK's close European neighbors, we happily decided to also visit Paris whilst away. Although I have been to Paris twice, there is still so much to explore and experience. As Audrey Hepburn once stated "Paris is always a good idea.". I'm sure most women would agree!

We have also planned a 3 day trip to the picturesque English countryside, The Coltswolds. One of the nights away, we are being treated to a night under the stars in a Bamboo Yurt, with our own little piece of English countryside thanks to our sweet friends who gifted us with the Canopy and Stars experience!

We plan to do a lot shopping in London, sightseeing in The Cotswolds and a lot of eating in Paris! I have been researching the best macaroons, hot chocolate, bread and cheese in Paris and have found too many places to try. Lets hope I don't return 10 kilos heavier!

I hope to be back with many stories and beautiful photos to share with you all!

Melanie xo