Monday, 7 October 2013

Travel Diary - Day 1 & 2

So we are back from our 2 week holiday from Europe and slowly getting back into 'normal' life. I never notced before how nice & peaceful holidays were, this trip there was no talk of work or things to do. Just exploring, shopping and eating! I'm already planning our next getaway!

Although our holiday was peaceful it was also rather busy. Everyday we were doing something and had so much to cram into our 2 weeks, I dont think I even get that much done when I'm at home! Our trip started in London and ended in Paris. I learnt from my great grandfather, Lorny, that keeping a diary is a must - I decided to carry on this tradition on mine and my husband's first holiday together. So we begin...

Day 1: Departed Dubai for Doha, a 50min flight then from Doha to London. Our flight from Dubai was delayed and therefore missed our connection to London, so we waited and extra 3 hours for our London flight. We arrived very late into London so stayed at a nearby hotel for the night.

Day 2: Woke up very early and got ready to begin our holiday! We went to see where my husband grew up, his school and the tree lined street where he last lived in London. It is exactly what any Australian would picture as the ideal English street! We arrived to his uncle and aunt's house where we stayed whilst in London and then had to get ready for a friends wedding that evening. The wedding was beautiful, a traditional pakistani wedding in an English manor house. The bride looked beautiful in her cream and red gown. We all took full advantage of the sweets table!