Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Interior Edit #3

A few weeks ago we purchased a new, made to look old, industrial style bookcase from our living room. I thought I had enough 'stuff' to display on it but shockingly I don't! Nor did I have any idea about how I should style the opening shelving unit. So `i've been on the hunt from some helpful bloggers who know a thing or two about bookcase styling and now I will show you what I've found! Originally we bought the bookcase for the living room but after many hours searching through magazines and blogs I now think it would look even better in a kitchen, so the long term plan is to find a new home with the perfect kitchen to place our beautiful bookcase (it's that good)!

My dream kitchen/dining room. I love the exposed brick and the opening shelving. This is of a restaurant but can easily be achieve in a home as well. The only negative is dusting everyday, but still very worth it in my opinion.

Caitlin from Desert Domicile has a fantastic post about a bookcase she style in her home. She explains how to break up the displays and work in 'chunks' with room to tweak here and there. Below is her display, to find out more on how to achieve this look, visit her site Desert Domicile for more details.

Simply white.

In this room, they have similar items on each individual shelf. This can easily be achieved but grouping your objects together and arrange them in color and shape. You can play around with the placement and be sure have in each shelf something that is similar in each. Here, they have kept the colours to brown and white as well as glass. You can see this in each shelf. 

Neat and precise. For the perfectionists in us all! 

I love the simple stacking of magazines in this monochrome living room. For a sleek and modern look, this is styling I would definitely recommend. 

Full, eclectic & easy breezy shelves bring this living room together. An easy way to add colour to a neutral room.