Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Late New Year

As I was uploading some photos that I had taken for a future recipe post, I realised that I had completely forgotten about all the photos Osama and I had taken over the New Year holiday. As we are minus a tripod for the camera, the fireworks shots arent all too good but I thought it was necessary to post a few as it did break the world for the longest firework show ever held! You can always trust the UAE to put on a spectacle, which it certainly was. We packed a picnic of snacks and ate burgers and fries as we waited 3 hours for the countdown. The Kite Beach was full of eager faces & the beach villas hosted parties for their friends; the perfect spot for a world record breaking event! We were blessed to have a mattress, blankets and pillow in the tray of the truck for the long wait. 

New Years day was spent in Zabeel Park with a vintage picnic inspired by my sweet Mum, we basked in the sun, played badminton and ate delicious cheese. A perfect Winter day! 

We hope 2014 is a wonderful year. Praying for peace, guidance & happiness for you all!