Saturday, 15 February 2014

Le Petit Gateau

The Little Cake; my new baking venture!

Over the weekend I had a little stall at ARTE market in Dubai to sell some baked goods and desserts, baking is one of my passions so it was a fun (but long!) day spent meeting new people whilst indulging in some yummy food! There were over 200 vendors selling their handmade items, most of whom are regulars and some who were there for the first time like myself. Although the amount of people visiting & purchasing was a lot less than what I expected, it was still a good experience and had given me better ideas for next time if I decide to participate again. What I did decide however was that next time I would showcase my crochet work instead of baked goods as the stress and time I consumed 3 days before the event baking and preparing was TRAUMATIC! Most people who know me well, know that I am not the world's most energetic spirit and I much prefer stress free baking over not-being-able-to-sit-all-day-with-a-sore-back-baking. 

I was very happy that I was able to use a few of my precious things at my stall like the beautifully made and gorgeous quilted afghan my Nan made me as well as a vintage cut glass cake plate with little feet and my new marble and wood cake stand! I also loved the way the Macarons turned out as it was only my second time making them and they stood out so well in the glass dome, everyone who passed had a second or third glance ما شاء الله !

I was so happy with my table look despite the hideous blue table skirt that we were stuck with. I was hoping for a white one as well as a better location but it all worked out pretty well in the end! 

 Click HERE for my Rumless Rum Balls Recipe

Click HERE for Chocolate Brownies Recipe

A few notes on the Macarons, if anyone is interested in attempting these delicious morsels, I strongly advise using the Italian Method. I know the French method seems easier but you will more than likely be successful in your first try using the Italian method as it is consistent. I would also INSIST on using an electric scale to measure out all of the ingredients and follow the recipe to the T. You will need a candy thermometer, a free standing mixer as well as disposable piping bags. Here is the a few links I used in my research. 

MACARON PHOTO TUTORIAL - Lilian from Beyond Umami is also great to answer any questions you may have. Her photos of descriptions are also great and helped me a lot in my Macaron research process.