Saturday, 1 February 2014

Midnight Snack

The perfect midnight snack for hungry bellies that hits the spot every time. Salty, sweet, crunchy & gooey, this sandwich has all the components needed to make up the perfect snack appropriate for those peckish nights when dessert just doesn't cut it.

WARNING: these are addictive, devour with care.

I had my first Elvis Presley Sandwich a very long time ago, I'm guessing in the mid 2000's when Mum whipped up a batch after seeing or hearing about them from Nigella Lawson. I still remember the night she made it and the memory has stuck. How could I not remember such a taste? Once I moved to Dubai in 2011 I would make them for my self to satisfy my home-sick stomach and whenever I had bananas that were going a little too ripe. Ever since I have made them although they never have been quite as good as Mum's.....until now (sorry Mum)! 

As I have made them for my husband before, he recognised them when watching a cooking program late one night. The difference between the old and the new was the addition of spices and caramelised banana. I cant take any credit for the spices however, I did change it in that as in Mum's reipe, I re fried the toasted sandwich as a last step.

Here is the new and impoved, Mum's Elvis Presley Sandwich, dedicate to Mother Dearest <3 

Please adjust spices according to your taste, I have not included any measurements below as I usually just add a dash of each. This is for one sandwich.


1 ripe banana, halved lengthways and then in width
1 tbsp butter
dash of All Spice
pinch of ground Nutmeg
1 clove
pinch of cinnamon
sprinkle of brown sugar
peanut butter
2 slices white bread 
(DO NOT try to use brown or whole-meal, I tried and it ruined the flavour)

- Melt butter in fry pan with all of the spices, allow to heat and then add the sliced banana. Sprinkle the sugar over the banana. 
- Use a toaster to slightly toast your bread. Once toasted spread thickly with peanut butter on one side (I prefer to use crunchy). 
- Whilst toasting the bread, flip the banana so that you achieve an even caramel on all side of the banana. 
- Once the banana has become golden and caramelised, place it carefully on the peanut butter toast and top with other slice of toast. Now return whole sandwich to the frypan and allow to become golden and crisp on each side. You may need to add extra butter at this stage. 
- Slice diagonally and prepare to fall in love!