Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Circle Center Granny Square Pattern

After seeing a gorgeous blanket that had a very similar design I went searching through crochet blogs for the pattern but after many unsuccessful attempts I decided to just make a pattern myself! Please forgive any errors (I'm very tired whilst writing this) and if you do spot one please let me know in a comment below.

Please respect my rights as a designer, and do not re-publish this pattern as your own. If you would like to feature it on your blog, please credit and link it back to me on ; feel free to sell any work you made using this pattern!

NOTES: I used a 4.00mm hook on two different weights of yarn as you can see the slight difference in the above image. 

Round 1: Make a magic ring and begin with CH-3. followed by 11-DC inside the ring. Pull tightly and join to to top of initial CH-3.

Round 2: CH-3 (counts as DC here as well as beginning of next rounds), DC in same stitch as joing. 2-DC in each DC around and then join to top to CH-3. (You should now have a total of 24 DC)

Round 3: CH-3, DC in same stitch as joining. 2-DC in each DC around. Join. (48 DC)

Round 4: CH-3, DC in each of next DC around. Join and cast off. (48 DC)

Round 5: Use any stitch join your new colour and CH-2 (counts as SC). SC in next 4 stitches, then *HDC, 2-DC, TC, CH-2, TC (in same stitch as previous TC, to form a corner.) 2-DC, HDC, 5-SC in next subsequent stitches. Repeat from * until you have completed the round, join.

Round 6: CH-2, HDC in each of next 9 stitches. *2-HDC in next stitch (CH from previous round), then CH-2, 2-HDC in next CH. HDC in next 13 stitches, repeat from * until you finish the round, join.