Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ramadan & Eid Decor

I've had quite a lot of questions about where I found my Ramadan decor and the answer is that I made most of it myself. The paper flowers are really easy, the tutorial is here. Once they were done all I had to do was to stick them on the wall using blu-tack. The bunting was also a half d.i.y job. I used the letters I needed from Ruffled Blog and got them printed on 200 gsm paper, cut them out with a little white overhang at the top so I could fold it down and place them onto the bunting string. It was much easier than stitching through paper with thread and this way I can easily change it up whenever an occasion calls for bunting. Once I had the sting up on the wall (also used Blu-tack) I placed the letters on and stapled the first and last letter onto the string, in this case being the 'R' and 'N'. Stapling or gluing wasn't need for the letters in between as the letter fit snugly against each other. I followed the same pattern with the 'Mubarak' line beneath. 

To avoid any mix-up at the printer, here is the letters you will need for this Ramadan bunting:

A x 5
B x 1
D x 1
K x 1
M x 2
N x 1
R x 2
U x 1

Note: As there are so many A's in 'Ramadan Mubarak', and there was too much yellow in the bunting, I substituted the first 'A' in 'Ramadan' with the loveheart which is also included as a free download on Ruffled Blog. I will also be printing an Eid version of my bunting, as well as making a crescent moon pinata for Eid day! 
I gathered some of the mason jars I had in the house as well as a small lantern and a candy jar and filled them with fairy lights. The outcome is whimsical and warm with an understated charm and elegance. These little baby lights have been named well, especially when their the right kind of white. I may also mention that my home is free from coloured fairy lights with hopes that it will remain that way. After some advice from a lovely lady, called Leesa, I am going to give some more height to the table with some bunches of Babies Breath and a powder blue accent flower.