Wednesday, 20 August 2014

White Chocolate + Strawberry Cheesecake Pots

It's been quite busy in my home the past few weeks, first was Eid followed by family holidaying in Dubai, an upcoming Indian wedding as well as nightly events and weekly trips to Mena Bazaar. Those of you have been to Mena Bazaar in the middle of summer must know how tiring it has made me! Sadly, my blog suffered for the most part with little to no posts. So today is an update of an old recipe from 2013 that I had almost forgotten about.

I was asked by a friend to make 40 of these little dessert pots for a vintage themed High Tea event. Judging by numbers, or the lack thereof, these were a hit! I used the same recipe as in my White Chocolate + Strawberry Pie, the only exception being that I doubled the recipe on this occasion. I ended up with extra filling, so I estimate that the doubled recipe could make up to 50 pots depending on the size.

Find the recipe here.