Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Home 2016

Welcome to Hobart!
 Where the sweets are plentiful...
 and afternoon tea is often.
 Home is where you wake up to freshly stewed fruit,
 and have friends over for tea, cheese & bread.
 Picnics are lavish,
and the eggs are fresh.
 The Salamanca market makes it perfectly acceptable to eat mini pancakes with ice-cream for breakfast,
 and then with berries for dessert.
 The fruit is picked right from the tree and sold directly to me, making it the most fresh in the world!
 Where friends open their hearts and homes and cook you the most delicious lunch,
Where mother and daughter share secrets to the fluffiest pancakes,
 and eat Flathead by the pier.
 Where you take long, scenic drives to relish this view,
 and return home to your Mum's for a comforting lunch.
 Bond over cookbooks,
 watch your Mum make scones and then eat them warm with jam & cream...
not forgetting her famous roast chook!
celebrate, family.
The time is never enough.