Thursday, 28 April 2016

Qissa Dubai

Hi Friends!

As some of you may have seen posted on my social media lately, I have opened a shop within an online marketplace in Dubai. It's a small business venture to hopefully sell some of the things i have crafted to those who love and appreciate the art of design. It's a really hard thing to put a price on handmade work, especially in this age of cheap retail.  You question yourself, your craftsmanship and quality. Alas, friends and family came to the rescue with encouraging words and I finally started.

I also recently completed a Graphic Design course which has given me the skills to design prints, invites and monograms. This is also included in the shop.

I hope you like the pieces and I would love to hear from fellow designers, crafters and work-at-home-mums about collaborating in the future or just for a general chat!

To view this shop, click HERE!